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Digital Imaging
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The impact of any document or presentation can be enhanced by the use of images.  Images can convey messages very effectively by embellishing the written or spoken word.   There is a saying “a picture says a thousand words”, and in many instances this simple phrase is so true.   Where words alone cannot effectively articulate an idea or a concept, the visual image can make a powerful and unforgettable statement.

How we use images

At Advanced Training Solutions we make full use of photographic images to enhance our training publications, technical documents and in our visual presentations.  Today’s audiences want so much more than just the talking head.  Presentations and written materials that incorporate clear and accurate photographic images generate a much higher interest factor with the audience and the reader.  Thus in a training or technical work document, what would otherwise involve highly complex and possibly ambiguous descriptions can be easily articulated with the appropriate images.

Why digital?

In today’s world of technological development, the Internet and desktop publishing, the traditional methods of capturing images on film are outdated.   For all new imaging we use digital technologies.   This allows us to capture, manipulate, integrate and re-size images for maximum clarity and impact.

Immediate reviewing of images captured allows for discussion with subject matter experts on location, enabling re-shooting (if necessary).  Digital imaging also allows for rapid delivery of images to the client for approval via the Internet or on physical media such as CD-ROM, thus reducing the time between shooting and publishing. 

Still Images

Our digital still imaging is performed by the following methods –

  •     High resolution scanning of existing colour and monochromatic (B&W) images from photographic prints up to A4 (approximately
    ´ 10”) in size.

  •     High resolution scanning of photographic negative and transparency materials up to A4 (approximately 8” ´ 10”) size.

  •     Original image gathering using professional digital cameras utilising high quality Nikkor optics and capable of resolutions of up to
    ´ 2848 pixels in lossless TIFF-RGB or CCD-RAW modes as well as various compressed JPEG formats.

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