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OHSE05A Respiratory Protection

Module Purpose

To provide an understanding of the natural respiratory protection and its limitations.

To be able to assess the need for additional protection and suitability for the particular application. (Dusts, gases etc.)

Relationship to competency standards

None specific.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this training, the Participant will be able to -

  •   Understand the limited protection offered by natural respiratory means.
  •   Understand the need for additional protection in certain applications.
  •   Determine the correct type of protection.

Assessment method

Can be either discussion or multiple choice/short answers as required.



Special requirements

Suitable for all levels of staff.


Module duration

0.75 hour.

Max. Class size

10 participants

Key Benefits

         Reduced lost time due to respiratory related disease by implementation of preventative workplace measures.

         Elevated awareness of the dangers of inhalation of toxic gasses and airborne particles.

         Reduced compensation claims related to workplace respiratory related diseases.

         Sessions can be delivered at your workplace or at our training facility.


$200.00 for a group session conducted at your workplace.


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