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OHSE06A – Dealing with Emergencies (Information session)

Module Purpose

To provide an understanding of how emergencies can be tackled in the wider aspect and also on the individual situation.

Relationship to competency standards

None specific

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this training, the Participant will be able to -

  •   Recognise the situation that calls for evacuation of a building, premises or area.
  •   Determine when the emergency can be safely tackled, e.g., fire.
  •   Render immediate aid to a person with an injury. (Simple treatment.)
  •   Determine the correct follow-up action, ambulance etc.

Assessment method

Can be either discussion or multiple choice/short answers as required.



Special requirements


Module duration

1 hour

Max. Class size

8 participants

Key Benefits

·         Be able to provide immediate first aid in the event of a workplace accident, which may result in saving a life.

·         Reduce the possibility of additional injury by educating personnel how to deal appropriately with a workplace emergency.

·         Increase workplace personnel’s awareness of the importance of developing and maintaining a workplace emergency handling plan.

·         Sessions can be delivered at your workplace or at our training facility.


$275.00 for a group session conducted at your workplace. «

 Note: Where a practice session is required to consolidate the above module, participants should attend OSHE06B instead, where they will be able to combine the information session with practical activities of bandaging and CPR.


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