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OHSE12A – Well-being

Module Purpose

To provide Participants with an understanding of the factors that enhance ‘well-being’.

Relationship to competency standards

None specific.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this training, the Participant will be able to -

  •   Recognise the factors that detract from well-being.
  •   Recognise the factors that improve the well-being.
  •   Understand the link between physical and mental well-being.

Assessment method

Can be either discussion or multiple choice/short answers as required.



Special requirements


Module duration

0.5 hour.

Max. Class size

12 participants

Key Benefits

·         Emphasising the importance of well-being.

·         Improved workplace performance as a result of well-being.

·         Promote a healthy lifestyle which contributes to well-being.

·         Sessions can be delivered at your workplace or at our training facility.


$175.00 for a group session conducted at your workplace. «


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