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OHWA01A – Workplace Safety Audit


To ascertain the state of Health and Safety in a particular workplace.

Relationship to workplace safety standards

This is based on the requirements of the W.A. H. & S Act 1984 and the Regulations 1996.

Audit Outcomes

At the conclusion of this  / these audits, the Client will be able to -

  •   Recognise the level of safety in that workplace.
  •   Understand the methods of recording Health and Safety aspects.
  •   Verify the actions made by the company to achieve the required level of health and

Audit method(s)

Conducted on site by an Advanced Training Solutions’ specialist consultant / auditor in Occupational Health and Safety issues.

Conditions of Auditing

This may be done in company with a company representative or results handed to relevant company representative.



Special requirements

Complete and unrestricted access to all areas of the workplace and workforce subject to the audit.

Audit duration

Nominally 2 hours - depends on extent and scope of audit required.

Key Benefits

·         Audit readily identifies areas of satisfactory as well a deficit performance in the areas of workplace health and safety.

·         Ensures employers are aware of the level of safety in the workplace.

·         Reports will identify and make recommendations on areas of workplace health and safety which are found to be deficient.

·         Ensures employers comply with the requirements of the Western Australian Health and Safety Act 1984 and the Regulations 1996.

·         A cost effective solution to self auditing.

·         Audits performed by professionals who will make cost effective and form practical solutions to address areas of deficiency in your workplace.


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